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Dates to Remember

August 1- Rectangle Day

August 2- Diamond Day

August 7- Be a Clown Day

August 15- On the Move Day/Last day of Summer

August 16- Academy Closed/Teacher Workday

August 19- First Day of New School Year

August 20- OPEN HOUSE 6:00-6:30 pm

August 28- Glow Day-Wear your neon

Happy Birthday



August 3-  Avery R.

August 11- Tristyn

August 18- Kinsley

August 22- Taylin


August 10- Yolanda

August 12- Jessica

August 15- LaNiece

     Things to Remember

  • Send in a labeled water bottle every day for your child.
  • Keep a light jacket or sweatshirt in your child's cubby.
  • Make sure you have a complete change of summer clothes including socks in your cubby.
  • You must give an advance written notice of your intent to use your free vacation week.
  • No drop off during nap time.
  • A two week written notice is required to withdraw your child from HOPE Academy.
  • Material Fees are due Aug 19 for all classes.

Mara's Memos

We hope everyone had a wonderful summer.  We had a lot of fun here at HOPE Academy, but summer was too short as usual!  We know this month will be crazy as everyone gets back into the swing of the school year.  The last couple weeks of August will be hectic with public school starting on August 21st and the morning traffic madness.  Things usually settle down in a couple of weeks, but give yourself some extra time and say a little prayer before you leave the house the first two weeks of school.

We are looking forward to Open House this month.  The parents in the Monkeys, Bears, Birds, Owls, Butterflies, and Lions classes are welcome to join us from 6:00-6:30 pm on the 20th.  The teachers will go over classroom procedures, curriculum, and expectations with you.  We are looking forward to an exciting new school year.

DSS requires parents to update all paperwork every year.  Ms. Sandy will have a new pack for you on your child's cubby soon.  Please completely fill out the entire package, leaving no blanks, and return ASAP.  We must have all updated forms back before the first day of school.

Material fees are due the first day of school this year.  They will be added to your account the first full week of August.  If you use the automated Tuition Express service, please let me know when you want to pay the material fees if it is other than August 5th.








Helpful Links

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