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Mara's Memos

We will be focusing on reading this month.  We will have a classroom reading competition.  For every book they read in class, the teachers will add a link to their paper caterpillar. The two classrooms with the longest caterpillar on Oct 26th will win a prize for their room.  Books already in their classroom can't be counted for this contest, so we are relying on you to help your child's class.  Please bring in books from home or the library to share each day. (Make sure everything is labeled with your child's name.)  Feel free to make arrangements with your teacher to come read a story or two to the children.  Our students love it when parents, grandparent, or older siblings come and help in the classroom for a short spell.  To culminate this ready frenzy, we will have Storybook Character Day on October 31st.  Your child may dress up as a character from their favorite book.  Make sure they bring the book with them on the 31st as we will spend the day reading everyone's favorite books and letting the children act out the parts since they will be in costume.  We are NOT celebrating Halloween, so no scary costumes, witches, ghosts, ghouls, vampires, monsters, etc.  We will devote the day to reading and having crafts, games, and activities that relate to the books we are reading.  It will be fun filled day celebrating our love of books with one another.

Dates to Remember

31- Storybook Character Day

Happy Birthday


2- Grace

5- Journey


10- Simon

23- Ashton

30- Cacy and Scarlett



7- Sandy

8- Tia


12- Porshia

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